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Welcome to Meredith Hooper Remedial Massage, Wangaratta, North East Victoria

Meredith now offers the The AromaTouch Technique. A massage therapy she has personally found to be one of the most relaxing treatments that she has every had. The AromaTouch Technique improves wellbeing by reducing physical and emotional stressors and by supporting healthy autonomic function. Read more...

Relaxation massage is an enjoyable and gentle therapy that brings a feeling of wellbeing to body and mind. Long stroking techniques stimulate blood supply to release toxins and relieves muscle and tendon stiffness.

Meredith’s relaxation massage experience focuses on resting the mind and body through the use of a warmed massage table and large warm towels, lavender oil, aromatherapy diffuser and the natural sound of relaxation music, bringing a feeling of balance and harmony.

Enjoy life to the full. Massage helps you to move fluently without resistance and enjoy a more restful sleep, helps you think clearer and become more productive, holistically and naturally.

Remedial massage is a natural, healing therapy that holistically treats the whole body, healing the cause of pain or discomfort as well as the symptoms. Knotted, tense and damaged muscles and tendons can be released and healed naturally by remedial massage.

Meredith Hooper, an experienced and qualified remedial massage therapist operating in Wangaratta North East Victoria, offers a variety of deep and shallow massage techniques to locate and relieve pain caused by knotted, tight muscles and uses gentle joint mobilisation therapy with passive stretching moves to ease joint stiffness and improve mobility.

logo.jpgMeredith is a member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists.

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